Sunday, 31 July 2011

What is contained in the package My Boat Plans

I was impressed with the My Boat Plans (MyBoatPlans) which includes 518 boats of all types and sizes to give detailed information about the list of materials for ALL types of boats. All plans come with a list of materials to complete the instructions step-by-step, techniques, ideas, tips, a detailed blueprint with a very clear picture, and even recommended list of suppliers around the world.
This is the My Boat Plans of the information contained therein, without such information it is possible to build the boat you want. What I want it all in, I found the information was not available in any website.

Only My Boat Plans give the best information at present as I see it now. Not impossible to achieve your dream, see what boats or ships would be your dream here below:
Cabin Cruisers, Canoes, Dinghys, Dorys, Duck boats, Houseboats, Hydros, Jon boats, Kayaks, Small Boats, Runabouts Inboard, Paddle Boats, Paddle Wheel, fishing boats, Outboard Runabouts, Row boats, Sail boats, Ski boats, Skiff, Sloops, Submarines, Surf boards, utility boats, Yachts, Wooden boats. From the whole show there is a list of resources and support to help all projects along the way until it is completed.

Why Add the 45 videos in My Boat Plans
Support project the most help with the training video from a master boat builder. Again, give me confidence in the package with the added high-quality video, 40 + videos in take 10 hours to finish watching. Videos showing the processes, techniques and methods with easy to learn, including;
Complete Narrated Boat Building Process, Building a Simple Canoe & SailBoat, Building A Great Fishing Boat, Boat Construction Techniques Overview, Making Rivets & Placing Forms, Apply Plywood Skins To Frame, Working with Different Materials, Boat Repair and Rebuilding & Much More!

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