Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Boat Plans Bonus Package

In My Boat Plans (MyBoatPlans) package, You want to see how much extra you can get FREE ....
I get all the bonuses related to the boat building, Bonus #1: CAD DESIGN SOFTWARE FOR BOATS, Bonus #2: COMPLETE GUIDE BOAT BUILDER, Bonus #3: BOAT SECRET BUILDING, Bonus #4: BOAT SAFETY Regulations, four bonuses is great for your additional reference substances and guides to increase the knowledge.

Bonus #1: CAD Design Software For Boats

In the past, there is only 2D Boat Design Software provides boat builders plan their boat more easily. Today was the result 3D Boat Design Software more faster, sophisticated and easier to use than other software. With the boat Design Software, you do not need to build a boat with a hand drawing, this software will simplify the work with the available tools design. I have been fully tested and review the 3D Boat design software found that it provides a amazing design capability. This software allows design can locking & unlocking of control points, add background images, scaling 3D tools, moving, spinning, resistance calculation and much more. with this software, can build the boat with your own creativity. Most important My Boat Plans (MyBoatPlans) in this package bonus is free.

Bonus #2: Complete Boat Builder's Guide

Bonus In this guide, giving you how to construct or repair the hull, decks and superstructures, how to prevent corrosion, a complete set of tools to the construction of wooden boats and more.
Repair of the boat, deck and superstructure in the damaged boat can be quite easy or too difficult, depending on the level of damage to boats and boat composition of wood, fiberglass, aluminum, a majority of the damage sustained to their small crack and break. Larger repairs are usually done by a professional. With the "Complete Boat Builder's Guide" all the problems of small cracks and break or large is only done by themselves, without professional help.
How to prevent corrosion? for me, maintenance boat is the best to prevent from rust, have good hygiene habits boats, boat washing frequently with mild detergent and dry on the metal each time returning from the sea. "Complete Boat Builder's Guide" contains useful tips to prevent corrosion, Free Bonus gives you simple solutions and no longer need to worry about rust problems on the boat.
The construction of wooden boats, first of all be prepared with a set of tools before you begin the process of boat construction, some of the tools used in the construction of wooden boats like screwdrivers, hammer, rule, tape measure, jig saw, hand saw, C- clamps, drill bits and many more, what is important just like a really necessary. "Complete Boat Builder's Guide" was prepared to list the complete set of tools that are necessary in the construction of wooden boats. No more headache wondering what all the equipment needed was provided in the list.
In "Complete Boat Builder's Guide" the bonuses are also giving more information about boat building, all the information contains tips and tricks that are useful.

Bonus #3: Boat Building Secrets

For those who are new and also to the experienced make sure you get this My Boat Plans free bonus package, even though the bonus is free, has a high value gives the secret techniques from the professionals boat builders.
More than 16 Boat Building Secrets E-book made additional referrals materials more robust in the field of boat building. Boat Building Secrets provides all of the ideas, tips and plans that are written by experienced professionals to share and give advice. Secret boat-building techniques is more concerned with skills in each of the steps to build projects with a better quality boat.

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Bonus #4: Boat Safety Regulations
This guide provides basic boating safety information on such topics as operation, equipment and rules. To ensure that for users of the boat is ready to operate safely. The information contained in important to those planning to build your own boat.

I have noticed, My Boat Plans (MyBoatPlans) added the four free bonuses makes the most compact overall information to start a boat building fast and easy.

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